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Superior Surface Treatment for Steelwork

Our structural steelwork and metalwork are typically finished with a zinc phosphate primer. However, we can deliver items in a variety of finishes to meet your specific needs.

Range of Surface Treatment Options

Surface Treatment Finishes and Processes

Available finishes include but are not limited to Zinc Phosphate Primers, which are formulated with the mineral zinc phosphate to provide inhibitive or active corrosion protection; Powder Coating, which applies a powder material using an electrostatic or compressed air method and then cured to form a smooth film; Hot Dip Galvanized Finish, which offers longer-lasting protection against all conditions; and Hot Zinc Spray, which uses Metallisa9on Wire 02E Zinc (Zn) and is applied through grit blasting to SA2.5 to provide the best possible key for the zinc layer.

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