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Collaborative Steel Fabrication Services

We collaborate closely with you and your team of structural engineers, architects, and designers throughout the project

Key Benefits of Our Steel Fabrication Services

Our Fabrication Process and Offerings

As a Sydney-based steel fabrication service, we proudly serve residential, industrial,
commercial, retail, and regional NSW. Our goal is to complete your project on 9me, within
budget, and to the quality you expect. After approving the drawings, we plan the fabrication
of the components to fit your schedule and carry out the work in our well-equipped
workshop. Quality is crucial, so we rigorously inspect our work before and after fabrication.
We can supply a complete range of steel sections, fabricated by our skilled metalworkers and
welders to meet your specific needs, specializing in structural steel and steel staircases.
Available steel sections include Universal Beams, Universal Columns, Parallel Flange
Channels, Square and Rectangular Hollow Sec9ons, Circular Hollow Sections, Equal and
Unequal Angles, Flat Bars, and Cleats.

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